Johns Creek, GA. January 5, 2016. Paul Kindzia. Photo by Michael A. Schwarz

Are you a busy professional who wants to make solid financial decisions, but struggles with how to get ahead in this unpredictable financial economy?  I know how that feels and I can assure you…..

  • IF YOU want to build your wealth and protect your wealth for a secure financial future…

  • IF YOU are someone who wants to avoid obstacles that interfere with financial success…

  • AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU want a trusted and credentialed financial advisor that treats you as an individual that listens to your concerns then you have arrived at the perfect place…

My name is Paul Kindzia, CEO of Kindzia Investments, and we are a comprehensive investment and wealth management firm that helps successful but overwhelmed professionals develop a clear, individualized wealth plan so they can secure and protect their financial future with confidence.  We are a registered investment advisory firm dedicated to individualized wealth management on a fee only basis.  We DO NOT work or earn revenues from commissions of any sort.  We offer portfolio management services to those clients that are seeking to build and protect their wealth. We offer financial services to those that are serious about building wealth on a relative basis.  Wealth is a relative term and different individuals have different goals and benchmarks regarding the meaning of wealth so we customize our services to your goals and objectives. Our client account minimums vary depending on a client’s age and dedication towards future potential.  Hence, clients that are younger but are high savers are welcomed as well as clients that are older and seeking to preserve wealth.

“Either you control your finances, or your finances control you – and I can promise you the decision is yours to make”

If the global financial and economic world overwhelms you, I know how you feel. The world continues to get more complicated and we are all so crunched for time that it is impossible to be an expert at everything.  Let us ease your financial stress and worries. I have been helping individuals just like you for the past 25 years.  I started my career as a CPA and consultant at the international firm Ernst & Young LLP working in both the Atlanta, GA office and in the national headquarters office in Cleveland, OH.  With a desire to work with individual clients rather than corporate entities, I left the corporate world and founded Kindzia Investments with a goal of assisting clients to achieve a wealthy, healthy, and happy lifestyle that is geared towards meaning and personal fulfillment. To read more about Paul click here.

Paul is highly credentialed with technical skills and on top of financial markets – Michael and Nanci King

Paul understood my personal and private financial objectives that led to better life decisions – Mark Eagle

Kindzia Investments makes things simple, removes the complexity and keeps the process enjoyable – Dr Colleen Pio

At Kindzia Investments we customize individual plans based on the “Seven Proven Principles of Building Wealth” for each client so they can reach their financial objectives short and long term. Over the years, our firm has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of households.  Although we focus and specialize in working with wealth builders, we have been able to analyze a lot of data which has allowed us to study the most successful wealth builders (these are households with net worth’s in the millions). Wealth builders live their lives following consistently applied principles over long periods of time.  There are SEVEN specific principles that are so clear and consistent that we wrap our comprehensive wealth planning processes around these principles of financial success.

7 principles wheel transparent backup without created by Paul Kindzia backup

Kindzia Investments puts every client’s individual interest first.  For over 25 years we have helped clients make better financial decisions, reduce financial stress, set financial goals, enjoy the process, get clarity on how to build wealth and avoid bad financial decisions.  The economic world is changing and it gets tougher by the day. Your future should not be confusing or uncertain.